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OSRAM expands Trust Programme to continue to fight the fakes in the aftermarket

Date: Friday 19 June 2020

Lighting specialist, OSRAM, has expanded its highly accredited Trust Programme as counterfeit parts continue to be a problem in the aftermarket.

OSRAM is urging businesses in the automotive aftermarket to ensure they are purchasing from credible sources as the sector is being 'flooded with unreliable counterfeit' HID and HAL bulbs. These spurious products imitate branded products and can appear to be genuine to the untrained eye.

OSRAM’s Trust Programme has now been extended to include Halogen upgrade bulbs packed in their distinct DUO BOX packaging. The programme for HID (Xenon) bulbs was first introduced in October 2015 and as a result of its success, has now been extended to include Halogen upgrade DUO BOXED bulbs since December 2019.

The OSRAM Trust Programme provides a solution to fight against counterfeit products by merging a unique bulb ID with a unique packaging ID.

The online tool is available to support customers so that they can check and identify HID and Halogen OSRAM originals from HID and Halogen counterfeits.

Customers simply go to and enter the 7-digit label code from the packaging and then enter the captcha code shown. After the label code has been verified, the automatically prompted bulb data needs to be checked.

It must match the data displayed on the base of the HID (Xenon) bulb/s or the data displayed on the Halogen DUO BOX. It’s as simple as that.

Counterfeit and spurious products negatively impact all businesses and motorists in the supply chain, as there is an evident safety risk and they often have a very reduced lifespan and insufficient photometric values.

Severe damage can also be caused to the headlight, such as fogging, and the electronic components, such as the control units, airbags and communication systems.


OSRAM halogen bulbs (in DUO PACK only) that are also now part of the programme include: NIGHT BREAKER® LASER; NIGHT BREAKER® SILVER; COOL BLUE® INTENSE, ULTRA LIFE® and TRUCKSTAR® PRO (24V).

Buy with confidence from OSRAM - an OE lighting brand you can trust. For more details and information on the programme, and to verify products, please visit

OSRAM has also outshone its competition, with its Night Breaker Laser Next Generation winning the best ‘Headlamp Bulb’ in the Auto Express Product Awards 2020.

According to the judges, the Night Breaker far outperformed its rivals, with the product surpassing the competition in a FOM test. It also delivered the longest beam at 123 metres, as well as scoring high in the brightest-spot test.

The headlight bulbs’ innovative laser ablation technology and the highly engineered filament enable the bulbs to shine up to 150% brighter. They also provide up to a 150-metre long beam and 20% whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard.

The product was also celebrated for its wide hot spot beam and sharp cut off.

Terri Clark, marketing manager at OSRAM, said: “We’re constantly developing our range to maximise safety and visibility to ensure drivers can spot hazards quickly. Night Breaker Laser bulbs are especially designed for this purpose and it’s great to receive recognition from Auto Express based on the bulb’s performance and quality.”