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PPE at work regulations have changed

Date: Monday 11 April 2022

The new Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022) have now come into force. They amend the 1992 Regulations (PPER 1992).

Under PPER 2022, the types of duties and responsibilities on employers and employees under PPER 1992 will extend to limb (b) workers, as defined in PPER 2022.

If PPE is required, employers must ensure their workers have sufficient information, instruction and training on the use of PPE.

HSE's revised PPE guidance explains how you can comply with the Regulations. It includes:

• details of the types of PPE available
• the hazards that may require PPE to be used
• advice on the selection, use and maintenance of PPE

This includes a revised version of the HSE publication on Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) Guidance on Regulations. This contains information on conformity marking, following the UK’s exit from the EU.