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Ring Automotive renews focus on importance of tyre care as fuel prices soar

Date: Thursday 30 June 2022

As petrol and diesel costs rise to record levels, Ring Automotive has prompted drivers to consider the importance of properly inflated tyres, which can affect their vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Rolling resistance of tyres accounts for as much as 15 percent of a car’s fuel consumption, and under-inflated tyres can mean this resistance is increased as more rubber makes contact with the road.

Taking care of the vehicle’s tyres ensures drivers are making safe journeys but also driving efficiently, as the cost of fuel soars. According to research by UK charity TyreSafe, as much as three percent more fuel is used when tyre pressures are only six percent underinflated, which could cost drivers an additional £12 on the average cost of a full tank of petrol – which currently stands at just over £100.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said:

“The range of tyre inflators equips drivers with time and money saving equipment to ensure their cars are running as efficiently as possible.”

Ring has a large range of at-home digital tyre inflators so tyre pressures can be checked quickly and easily without the need to travel to the nearest garage or forecourt – saving consumers time and money.

“At-home tyre inflation removes the need to travel and further spend money on fuel consumption to the nearest forecourt to use the air machines. It’s recommended that tyres are repressurised when cold, as this gives a more accurate inflation - therefore the best practice is inflating at home with a portable tyre inflator before setting off. The range of Ring inflators is therefore a clever investment to save cash on fuel by both keeping tyres in optimum condition and making fewer trips,” Bisson adds.

Ring’s award winning RTC tyre inflator range includes great value, affordable units like the RTC450 (RRP £29.99), packed with features, such as auto stop, a digital display, light, and wind-up cable or the versatile, battery-operated cordless RTC2000 (RRP £39.99), that can be used for cars and bikes. It features a built-in LED light and digital display with four programmable settings. The rechargeable lithium battery can be used as a portable power bank for charging mobile devices.

For more information on Ring’s tyre care product range, visit: