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Ring launches new cordless tyre inflator!

Date: Monday 27 March 2023

With drivers at the forefront of the development process, Ring has launched a new cordless tyre inflator.

To complement its cordless tyre inflator range, lighting and accessory giant, Ring, has introduced the RTC4000 to fill a gap in the market for a compact, yet powerful and high quality cordless tyre inflator for cars and motorbikes.

The RTC4000 is easily chargeable via a USB Type C cable or 12V DC cable and is quick to inflate a tyre, even from flat, making this product an easy sell for retailers and reassures drivers if they go back to their vehicle and the tyre is flat, there’s an easy solution.

To help drivers save time, this tyre inflator also has a memory function, so the user can save different tyre pressures and activate them easily from the home screen, and it also has an auto-stop feature so there’s no risk of over inflating the tyre, which can be as dangerous as an under inflated tyre.

Naturally, tools such as these need to be as convenient as possible, and as space can be limited in cars, and especially with motorbikes, Ring has ensured that this tyre inflator is as compact as it can be, which also means it’s light, so it’s easy to move around the vehicle and top up the tyres. Additionally, there are multiple LED lights on the tool, so inflating tyres can be done at any time.

Motorists should be checking their tyres when they are cold to the get the most accurate reading; which means doing it at home, not having driven down the road to the nearst petrol station. The RTC4000 provides a convenient no fuss way to inflate tyres, making it quicker to do regular top ups at home. By being more convenient, motorists are more likely to check tyres regularly which is vital to the running of their vehicle, as it improves safety, fuel efficiency and even the environment, as 12 million tons of CO2 could be saved annually across Europe, if tyres were correctly inflated.

RRP for the RTC4000 is £55.

Available at A1 Motorstores, Amazon, Argos, ECP and MPD.