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Ring releases promotional offers for MOT season

Date: Monday 24 October 2022

Ring Automotive has revealed its latest promotional offers as it urges motor factors to stock up on high-quality lighting products and batteries as we head into lighting season – and the busy MOT period.

As faulty bulbs are one of the most common MOT failures, Ring has pulled together a selection of bulk deals to encourage motor factors to stock up and take advantage of extra profit opportunities.

Ring’s latest bulk bulb offers include 12V H7 bulbs with free 10-way boxed auxiliary bulbs, 12V Mixed Halogen bulbs with free single boxed auxiliary bulbs, Xenon200 CDU with three free headtorches.

By having bulbs in stock – and to hand in a display unit – factors can make the most out of upselling opportunities.

Ring’s promotional offers also cover battery care products such as the RPPL360, with a 300-amp output, feature PD30W, a 30W power delivery method – allowing devices to quickly take on large amounts of power – as well as the brand’s leading range of inspection lamps.

The promotional offers incorporate Ring’s award-winning inspection lamps range too, which includes bulk deals on the RIL6100, RIL6200, RIL6300, RIL6400 and RUBL2000.

Ring recognises that an inspection lamp is often a technician’s best friend and therefore it’s essential that they are designed with durability in mind to withstand busy workshop environments – each inspection lamp is specially designed to offer complete versatility and reliability in the workshop.