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Ring’s Xenon 200 takes Best Buy title in Auto Express tests

Date: Wednesday 16 February 2022

Ring’s Xenon 200 has been awarded a Best Buy title in Auto Express’ latest bulb product group tests.

Over a series of tests taking place at Ring’s innovative facility at its Leeds headquarters, the Xenon 200 was put through its paces alongside three competing bulbs, with Ring’s bulb coming out on top.

Xenon 200 outshone the competition, finishing first in Auto Express’ figure of merit rating, which combined a score for light output at 50 and 75 metres.

Xenon 200 gives up to 200 percent more light on the road ahead than the legal minimum. The bulb also received plaudits in Auto Express for its exceptional brightness and longer beam, which allows drivers to see potential hazards and other road users at the earliest opportunity.

Xenon 200 provides a colour temperature that is up to 3700K, giving a whiter look in the headlamp and onward reflections, providing the optimum visibility in all conditions. It is available in both H4 and H7 ECE bulb types.

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