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Ring ‘seals’ the deal with new tyre sealant kit

Date: Wednesday 24 June 2020

Poor road conditions, sharp objects cutting the tyre, valve stem or tyre bead leakage, high temperatures, and over-inflated tyres can all lead to a flat tyre. Therefore, it is important that motorists have a quick and easy fix to hand, which is why Ring Automotive has brought the RTK4 Flat Tyre Repair Kit to market.

The kit helps to get the driver back on the road within ten minutes and includes an 12V air compressor offering 0-90PSI /6.5BAR, and RTS450 Flat Tyre Sealant to place over a puncture when faced with a flat tyre.

The tyre sealant can also be purchased separately, as the bottle can be used as a replacement bottle for those who wish to top up their sealant and keep a spare tyre.

The non-toxic sealant will repair punctures up 6mm hole, requires no tools and is TPMS safe.

As it is made to the same standards as the original manufacturer sealant, it is a like-for-like replacement to the original product that came with the vehicle.

Available in 450ml bottles, RTS450 Flat Tyre Sealant uses particle gel sealant technology and valve-through technology, removing the need to use the valve core.

It is also suitable for use in all weather conditions and uses environmentally friendly materials.

After using the sealant, motorists can expect to drive up to 125 miles before the tyre requires professional repair, enabling them to get back up and running, and where they need to be without needing to call for break-down recovery.
As tyre sealant goes out of date after five years, lease companies, second-hand cars sales and fleets can purchase the replacement bottle to keep the vehicle legal.

For more information on the RTS450 Flat Tyre Sealant, visit here.