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SMP Europe reinforces importance of high-quality air mass meters

Date: Friday 13 May 2022

Engine management and ignition specialist SMP Europe has reminded the aftermarket of the importance of fitting good quality air mass meters to vehicles.

Also known as mass airflow sensors, they are a critical component of an electronic fuel injection system.

Through its Lucas and Lemark brands, SMP Europe is one of the trusted advisors for the product, manufacturing OE quality sensors with longevity of performance.

In colder weather, a common failure of air mass meters is due to contamination of the sensing element, caused by dirt and moisture. This can cause poor driveability and throttle response and increased fuel consumption.

John Wass, engineering director at SMP Europe, said:

“Air mass meters aren’t immediately thought of as components that need replacing or even checking following the colder months as they’re not immediately visible, and the effects of a faulty sensor aren’t easily identifiable, and can be confused with other problematic parts.
“It is difficult to diagnose a faulty Air Mass Meter on vehicle symptoms alone, as other faulty components such as the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and vacuum system can all present in a similar way. It’s important to troubleshoot the air mass meter using diagnostic equipment, before replacing any components,” Wass says.

On newer vehicle models, the car computer can produce precise diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that will pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Designed and developed in the UK, each SMP Europe unit is individually tested and calibrated on high-tech bespoke equipment which simulates air intake across different driving conditions.

SMP Europe’s platinum sensor elements can be expected to provide over 100,000 kilometres of driving life. They exceed OE testing outputs for road, air flow and high temperature degradation.

With over 300 part numbers available in the range, SMP Europe can be relied upon as the premium solution in the aftermarket.