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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Standardised Warranty & Returns process enhances service

Date: Thursday 08 April 2021

The new, free to access TecAlliance Warranty and Returns service, brought to market by Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and PACT, offers “substantial time saving benefits” and “enhances the service provided by aftermarket businesses.”

The service offers distributors the ability to make warranty claims and returns through a standardised form and easy to use online portal, reducing the need for a manual based process.

IAAF members can access the TecAlliance portal from anywhere and follow a simple, flexible and secure process. It guides the user step by step and also supports them in finding the right parts and vehicle information by an integrated TecDoc interface.

Mark Rudge, PACT Director, said:

“A solution for minimising the inconvenience brought about by warranty claims and returns is essential. The portal reduces the time needed studying different forms and being unsure if the information is filled in correctly. This saves a lot of time and complexity in handling claims and, as a consequence, enhances the service provided by aftermarket business.”

As part of the warranty and returns process, users can quickly and easily upload photos, videos and other documents related to a case using a QR code.

Accessible via the IAAF website, IAAF members can easily register and navigate the TecAlliance Order Portal using a simple six-step process.

Members simply have to log in to the portal and select ‘Warranty & Returns’ and then a claim list with all the current transactions will appear. The user can create new claims and is guided through intuitive forms, before submitting the claim digitally. Then, all that is left to do is to ship the physical parts over to the receiver, if requested.

To view the new warranty and returns service, please visit: