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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

TecAlliance simplifies management of trading group meetings for suppliers

Date: Thursday 15 April 2021

Parts manufacturers dealing with international trading groups often struggle to adequately prepare meetings at big ITG events. TecAlliance, one of the world’s leading data specialists for the digital automotive aftermarket, offers the cloud-based solution myITG so that suppliers can collaboratively plan meetings across different departments and stakeholders. This greatly improves meeting quality and output. Eight leading international parts manufacturers who already use the solution are convinced of the benefits.

Information about ITG membership structures and upcoming events or conferences is widely spread across channels like ITG websites and portals, mailing lists, phone calls and the manufacturers’ CRM systems. The preparation of these events involves internal stakeholders from different departments and locations using many different channels and sources. The lack of standardised, centralised information and processes ultimately impacts the meeting quality because representatives are not optimally prepared and often unable to access all the relevant information on the spot.

myITG for easy planning, execution and follow-up of ITG events
TecAlliance offers myITG to support parts manufacturers in organising trading group meetings. The cloud-based tool bundles all relevant global ITG information in one place in a standardised format so that users can collaboratively set up and prepare for the events.

“The introduction of myITG is a further element of our strategy to connect all market participants in the mobility ecosystem,” explains Marco Monsees, Vice President Business Development at TecAlliance. “This solution is also in line with our original mission, i.e. to share costs among all market players so that they save money. We offer an industry solution for the international automotive aftermarket that substitutes a multitude of costly in-house developments and work arounds”, he says.

One solution for all parts manufacturers
CLARIOS, HAZET, LIQUI MOLY, MANN+HUMMEL, NGK SPARK PLUG, Nissens, OSRAM and Schaeffler are already using myITG. Michael Daniel Schatz, Strategy Manager at MANN+HUMMEL, is convinced of the advantages of this tool for standardised, centralised collaboration:

“Before we worked with spreadsheets that were filled in by Sales for each ITG. With myITG we have a centralised, unified structure that allows parallel work in the cloud, which enables high-quality meetings.”

Stefan Knaack, VP Global Key Account at Schaeffler, emphasises the advantages for interdepartmental cooperation between different locations:

“Our global sales department receives the myITG meeting client and enters all the details. The colleagues on site can access this information easily to prepare for the ongoing speed meetings.”

Two options to suit every need
myITG is available in two options: The BASIC version, which is free of charge to all TecAlliance data suppliers, includes all the relevant information to prepare the next big buying group meeting, from details about the global ITG structure to member data.

The PRO version unleashes the full potential of myITG; parts manufacturers can collaboratively manage meetings at trading group events end-to-end with the whole team. The PRO version also provides a global event calendar and many features that make it easy to schedule, prepare and follow up the meetings.

Further information about myITG can be found on the website.

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