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TecDoc: Global Standard Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Date: Wednesday 26 June 2024

At the beginning of the 1990s, automotive spare parts data was not standardised and it was not checked whether their assignment to a vehicle type was correct. This uncertainty in selecting the right spare part cost time, and the high error rate was bad for business and customer satisfaction.

In 1994, 21 leading companies in the international automotive spare parts industry therefore launched a standardisation initiative under the name TecDoc. Each vehicle type was clearly and unmistakably defined and linked to the corresponding spare parts. Thanks to the TecDoc Standard and the TecDoc Catalogue spare parts catalogue based on it, it is now clear which spare part fits which vehicle. TecDoc has established itself internationally as the industry standard.

Equipped for the challenges of the future

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, driven by new mobility concepts, digitisation and alternative drive types. With the increasing complexity of vehicle configurations and the need for faster product launches, the shift to real-time data processing has become the new reality in the independent automotive aftermarket.

In response to these demands, TecAlliance began rolling out the new TecDoc Ecosystem in late 2023. Parts manufacturers can now manage their catalogue information in near real-time, as opposed to quarterly or monthly data updates as in the past. In addition, TecDoc has been working closely with industry and traders since 2021 as part of a data quality initiative to continuously optimise catalogue data.

Looking forward, TecDoc solutions will provide more of the added value services. TecDoc is actively working to provide a B2B e-commerce solution TecDoc Trade Portal for parts manufacturers and distributors to accelerate or upgrade their e-commerce businesses. 

Further information on the development of TecDoc over the last 30 years is available at