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Top mounts join the Apec family

Date: Tuesday 15 February 2022

Following on from the successful launch of our range of drivetrain products, Apec are proud to launch a brand-new range of top mounts to its growing catalogue of components.

Apec Top Mounts are designed for superior dampening of noise and vibration caused by cornering, braking and uneven road surfaces, offering maximum performance from vehicle suspension.

The Apec Product Team said, “Quality is at the heart of everything we do and top mounts are no exception. It is vital that Apec Top Mounts deliver the smooth ride and comfort customers would expect from the Apec brand and provide the utmost support for shock absorbers.

All Apec Top Mounts are tested against peak performance parameters, ensuring a smooth ride by cushioning noise and vibration, and are supported with a 3 Year/ 36K mile warranty to provide complete peace of mind.

To explore Apec Top Mounts or any other Apec products, visit the Apec website at