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TRICO introduces refill kits

Date: Friday 05 May 2023

Original equipment (OE) wiper blade manufacturer, TRICO, has announced the introduction of refill kits for its Exact Fit range.

Trico refill kits are a modern design of beam blade fitted to some newer vehicles, that feature an integrated washer system. It works by the windscreen washer fluid running through the length of the blade and distributing evenly on the windscreen, with some blades also featuring an electronic heated steel insert. Due to the technology built into these blades, replacing them with a like-for-like replacement can be costly and difficult to source in the aftermarket.

Naturally, as the inventor of the wiper blade, TRICO is well positioned to quickly bring aftermarket solutions to consumers, and so has developed specific refill kits for these applications which allow the original blade frame to be retained and the rubber wiping insert replaced - resulting in a more cost effective solution for the driver.

TRICO’s refill kits are sold in pairs, pre-cut to the correct lengths and with the appropriate rubber profile to allow easy replacement.

The range currently contains two SKU’s to cover the most recent Volvo models, including S60, V60 and XC60. More SKU’s are planned to cover additional vehicles.

Full fitting instructions are included in each pack, however installation is simple with customers simply needing to remove the pre-fitted end cap from the blade, slide out the existing rubber, and slide back in the TRICO Exact Fit replacement before re-fitting the end cap.

First Brand Group’s Brand & Marketing Manager (Europe), Sam Robinson, said:

“Here at TRICO, we pride ourselves on continuing to innovate with new products, but also recognise that the aftermarket must still be able to access effective replacements for these new and advanced designs, so they can stay competitive in the industry. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce our aftermarket solution for these refil kits, helping retain TRICO’s renowned 99% parc coverage."