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UK Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

Date: Monday 08 February 2021

Registration and authorisation

New registration
Register a substance under UK REACH

Apply for an authorisation
Start an application to apply for the use of a substance on Annex XIV (Authorisation list)

Grandfathering a registration
Recognising EU REACH registrations held by GB-based entities under UK REACH

Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN)
Transitional provision for GB-based existing downstream users and distributors

Research and development exemption (PPORD)
Apply for an exemption from registration for the purposes of product and process orientated research and development

Northern Ireland Notifications
Enable GB market access for qualifying Northern Ireland goods


UK REACH explained
The law, its aims, and how it applies to you

Roles and responsibilities
If you work with chemicals you may have duties under UK REACH

Fees and charges
Find out how fees are calculated and what charges you can expect

Contact HSE
Contact HSE with enquiries relating to UK REACH

Notifying substances in articles
If your article contains a substance on the Candidate List then you may need to notify The Agency

REACH after Brexit
Your role and actions to take from 1 January 2021