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Understanding right to work and minimum wage eligibility

Date: Thursday 11 May 2023

All employers in the UK have a responsibility to prevent illegal working. You do this by conducting simple right to work checks before you employ someone, to make sure the individual is not disqualified from carrying out the work in question by reason of their immigration status.

Anyone who is employed as an employee or worker must get the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage, but are you aware of how to check if they are entitled?

Joint HMRC and Home Office webinar: understanding right to work and minimum wage eligibility

The Home Office Immigration Enforcement and HMRC’s National Minimum Wage (NMW) team are offering a joint webinar covering:

  • when an employer needs to conduct a Right to Work check
  • what type of Right to Work check they need to conduct
  • how to use the Home Office Employer Checking Service
  • civil penalties and prosecutions when employers do not comply with the Right to Work legislation
  • how to report immigration crime
  • who is a worker for NMW purposes?
  • how to establish if someone is self-employed
  • exemptions to minimum wage eligibility.

The webinar is taking place on 16 May 2023 where a panel of experts from both organisations will be on hand to answer questions.

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