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Upholding integrity: Glen Callum Associates reiterates the importance of ethical recruitment practices

Date: Friday 22 March 2024

Specialist automotive aftermarket recruitment partner, Glen Callum Associates (GCA), recently celebrated a quarter-century of dedicated service, and is now highlighting the importance of ethical recruitment practices.

​With a track record of integrity and reliability, GCA has built a reputation as a trusted partner for both clients and candidates in the industry and is therefore well-positioned to offer valuable advice to companies and job seekers involved in recruitment activity.

​GCA understands the paramount importance of confidentiality in the recruitment process. For over 25 years, it has safeguarded the personal information and CVs of candidates, ensuring that sensitive data remains secure and protected.

​The specialist is therefore highlighting the significance of trust in recruitment to ensure candidates can rest assured that their information is handled with the utmost care and discretion.

​Kerrie Richards, GCA director, said: “Understandably, when someone is looking for a career change, they want to ensure that conversations are confidential and that their personal information is protected. We know that maintaining confidentiality during a job search is essential for protecting a candidate's current employment, professional reputation, negotiation power, privacy, and personal preferences.”

​Many job seekers are still employed while searching for new opportunities. If their current employer were to find out about their job search, it could jeopardise their current position and potentially strain relationships with colleagues and supervisors, so discretion is paramount, says GCA.

​Confidentiality also helps preserve a candidate's professional reputation. If news of their job search were to spread prematurely, it could impact their credibility and standing within their industry or professional network.

​Perhaps most importantly, GCA recognises the importance of any privacy concerns. The personal and professional details shared during a job search are sensitive. Ensuring confidentiality and restricting unauthorised access of candidate data helps protects candidates' privacy.

​Avoiding unwanted attention is also at the forefront of a candidate’s mind when seeking a new job.

​Richards added: “Sometimes, job seekers may not want their job search to be public knowledge due to personal reasons or preferences. Confidentiality allows individuals to control who knows about their job search and when to disclose it.”

​To ensure that ethical practices are upheld at every stage of the recruitment process, GCA advises candidates to look for a recruitment partner who can provide a comprehensive checklist that offers the reassurance needed when looking for a fresh start.

​This includes confidentiality assurance, ensuring personal information and CVs are handled with strict confidentiality, with no sharing of addresses or personal details without explicit consent.

​Transparency is also key, says GCA, and candidates should be informed of any actions taken with their CVs and should be involved in the recruitment process every step of the way.

​GCA’s adherence to ethical recruitment practices has also been instrumental in fostering long-term relationships with clients.

​GCA is mindful that clients frequently want to recruit ‘under the radar’. This may be due to competition within the marketplace, or because they are building a new salesforce or division, or maybe the recruitment activity is to enable the client to launch a confidential new project or service.

​It may also be that the client is looking to recruit because of an under-performing employee.

​Richards continued: “Many of our clients return to us time and time again, knowing that their recruitment needs are in safe hands. It is vital to work with a recruitment partner to form a relationship built on trust from the get-go, which is why we have seen repeat business flourish over the years.”

​Another key element of ethical recruiting is compliance. Candidates and clients should check to see if the recruiters they deal with are associated with any industry bodies.

​As all of its recruiters are affiliated to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), and with all of them holding the Recruitment Professionals accreditation, GCA adheres to all relevant laws and regulations governing recruitment, ensuring fair and non-discriminatory practices.

​This means candidates and clients can be assured of the highest standards of recruitment practice.

​Likewise, GCA also works with clients to find out exactly what their needs are and how it can improve their candidate offering and their recruitment process.

​For example, the team advises interviewers on best practice ensuring any sensitive topics are addressed appropriately.

​Richards concluded: “As GCA looks ahead to the next 25 years and beyond, our commitment to ethical recruitment remains steadfast. We will continue to prioritise integrity, transparency, and trust in all our interactions, ensuring that both candidates and clients receive the highest standards of service.”

​For more information on GCA's ethical recruitment practices, please visit its website here.