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Uprated battery technology conference hosted by VARTA® helps fleets reduce maintenance costs

Date: Friday 30 June 2023

Leading automotive battery supplier VARTA® offered an in-depth and insightful conference on commercial vehicle (CV) battery technology, held at the iconic British Motor Museum on June 14th.

With the requirements of heavy-duty batteries changing to meet the modern needs of logistics, fleet and transport industries, VARTA® has developed a high-end range of enhanced flooded (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries, to deliver improved reliability, protection from vibration, and reduce total cost of ownership.

With government legislation on emissions tightening, and more safety and comfort devices fitted for drivers’ longer journeys, commercial vehicle batteries are subjected to higher demand, and VARTA®’s conference at the British Motor Museum interrogated how the latest generation of EFB and AGM batteries can help fleets stay ahead of the curve.

Jeremy Tollman, national sales manager at VARTA®, said:

“It was great to welcome customers from factors, fleet management and commercial vehicle technicians to the British Motor Museum. It’s important CV-focused businesses opt for the right battery, for the right application, to prevent costs caused by maintenance downtime.”

The conference welcomed special guest Thorsten Werle, lead engineer from VARTA®’s battery engineering and research department, who gave delegates technical insight on the latest OEM trends in battery innovation. Also speaking was Angelica Larsson, Swedish truck operator and renowned influencer, who shared her experiences of CV battery challenges in the Arctic Circle.

The conference also heard from VARTA®’s technical sales manager, Andy Cook, who warned of the dangers of fitting incorrect battery types to commercial vehicles, with longer charging times on traditional batteries causing stratification and untimely replacement.

The VARTA® range of ProMotive heavy-duty batteries are designed to meet all new environmental and safety regulations of the market, and supply truck cabins’ increasingly extensive electronic systems with energy.

For more information on the VARTA® range of commercial vehicle batteries, and to find the right product for your application, visit: