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VARTA power the Kamaz-master team to victory at the Dakar rally!

Date: Tuesday 08 February 2022

The “KAMAZ-master” team took the first 4 positions at the Dakar rally 2022, which ended on the 14th of January. In the general classification, first place was taken by Dmitry Sotnikov’s crew, who became the Dakar winner for the second year in a row. The second place was taken by Eduard Nikolaev’s crew, the third one by Anton Shibalov, and the fourth one by Andrey Karginov. “KAMAZ-master” took the top 4 places in the overall standings for the first time since 2011 and won the competition for the 19th time!

The rally route ran from the north of Saudi Arabia to the southeast, then back again, and the total length of the race was 8,375 km. The organisers of the race have updated the route by 70%; a year ago several stages took place along the coast of the Red Sea, now the crews had to drive deep into the desert. On the way the race teams overcame sand dunes, stone passes, and flooded riverbeds.

Despite all the obstacles the team coped with the challenging landscape thanks to the experience and reliable technics on board the vehicle. According to Evgeny Deshkin, the head of the “KAMAZ-master” electronics department, VARTA batteries from Clarios are installed on the race vehicles. They are resistant to vibrations and produce a high starting current, which always starts the car in any weather. And the batteries remain sealed even with mechanical damage thanks to AGM technology.

“For a driver, it is important to me that the car fires up instantly from the start button. There is no room for error in sports, especially in the automotive one. Our team pays attention to all components of the car: wheels, engine and electronics. Reliable VARTA batteries help us with the latter — they never let us down during the races,” said Anton Shibalov, of the “KAMAZ-master” team.

“KAMAZ-master” has been cooperating with Clarios since the end of 2018. In 2019, the team used VARTA batteries for the first time at the Dakar Rally in Peru. VARTA products are installed on all “KAMAZ-master” vehicles: both racing and service.

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