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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

ZF Aftermarket Celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day 2021

Date: Wednesday 14 April 2021

Offering greater efficiency and using fewer resources, while maintaining the highest standards of performance, under its OE quality brand portfolio which includes Sachs and TRW, ZF Aftermarket remanufactures a wide range of components from transmissions and clutches, through to parts for braking, steering and axle systems, for cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

“At ZF Aftermarket, remanufacturing is a key part of our business strategy. It’s not just an added extra, it truly encompasses everything which we believe stands for sustainable, efficient new mobility. Because natural resources are limited, we use our knowledge and innovative OE power to make sustainable use of natural raw materials - which is one of the major challenges of the automotive industry – and take responsibility for the future. Never more so than today as we join our partners around the world to mark Global Remanufacturing Day.”
Martyn Houghton, Senior Manager – IAM UK & Ireland

ZF offers remanufactured parts that are ‘as new’ from 15 remanufacturing locations around the globe.

ZF Facts
• 95% recyclable materials are processed in ZF products as the basic technical requirements for remanufacturing are already considered in the development and construction phase.
• 50-90% of the material used compared to new production. This figure is particularly high after the end of series production, as remanufacturing offers a significantly cheaper way to source the product than the production of new components.
• Remanufacturing at ZF offers 90% energy savings in comparison to the production of a new part, and therefore reduced CO2 emissions due to lower energy consumption.

Benefits of remanufacturing
From distributors and garages, through to fleet and vehicle owners - everyone can benefit from minimized downtimes, lower costs, greater safety and the latest technology. And remanufacturing is often the only way to extend the service life of older vehicles whose series production was discontinued; particularly important in countries with aging vehicle parcs.

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